If you’ve been following the saga of the LGI children’s heart unit, you won’t have missed the claims about death rates there – ‘double the national average’ according to most media.

You may thus be interested in the more sober analysis of real data provided here. There has been a shocking misrepresentation of unreliable information.

As the writer states
‘The way in which figures have been leaked, snap decisions have been made on the suspension of services based on inherently-unreliable data, and the media has been ‘briefed’ to portray the story in a negative and fear-inducing way should be of serious concern to anyone associated with or dependent on LGI’s children’s heart services.

It should also be of grave concern to anyone who cares about fairness, or about the way in which the NHS as a whole is being targeted and portrayed by the government and the national media.

Is someone ‘fighting dirty’?’ You’ve now hopefully got some facts that you won’t pick up in the mainstream coverage of the events and are in a better position to decide!’

As Labour’s Councillor Illingworth who is Chair of the Yorkshire & Humber Health Overview and Scrutiny Board said last week, much of the information used to decide to close Leeds, Leicester and Brompton Heart units did not stand up to even the most basic examination.

He felt that the abrupt ending of heart surgery for children at the Leeds General Infirmary was a desperate response to the defeat which the NHS hierarchy had suffered in the courts two days earlier.

The danger, of course, is that, even once rebutted, all this publicity will prove toxic. The Leeds unit’s reputation will be damaged – perhaps fatally.

The sooner the facts are out in the open and fairly reported, the better.

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